A team of professional developers, programmers, and engineers

Thanks to interdisciplinary collaboration, enthusiasm and the latest technologies we create top-quality, world-class products and services.
Digitalization, Automation, IoT, Big Data - The Second Machine Age
We program and develop breakthrough products and services for the 21st century.
We are pioneers of the digital revolution
The world is changing like never before. We are tracking all these challenges and giving a lead here, too. We can also support you.
Complex geometry, digital planning and digital production
We analyze and optimize manufacturing and planning processes for your efficiency and cost saving.
We are a proud international company
The customer is always at the front and centre of our approach. On the other hand, we will always choose projects that bring some added value and make real sense.
We cherish nature and its resources
We approach our work responsibly and ecologically. That is why we proudly support a number of environmental organizations.
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About us

The world is changing faster than ever before. We are on it and we set the pace. We are tracking all these challenges and giving a lead here, too. A team of professionals from various disciplines developing innovative solutions for clients all over the world.

What exactly are we doing?

Input/output laboratories – ioLabs.

We program and develop unique products and services that simplify processes in many industries. We write effective clean code specially tailored to our clients - without any extra lines. We are the pioneers of digitization and our strengths include complex geometry, digital planning and production, Big Data and IoT. We help investors, engineers and managers to increase project efficiency and open up new horizons.

Where are we heading?

We are a proud international company that invents and delivers reliable and intelligent solutions. We will continue to choose and create projects that make sense and bring special added value; we don't need projects to choose us.


Environmental approach


We are a company based in the mountains in Zurich, Switzerland and Liberec, Czech Republic. We live in beautiful places surrounded by nature and we hold it in high esteem. We are proud to confess our ecological approach and we insist on creating projects and solutions that contribute to saving valuable natural resources.

That is why we decided to support the international organization Plant for the Planet, whose mission is to plant new trees around the world. We send them part of our earnings - and to motivate our employees to do the same, we decided to double the amount they regularly contribute to any environmental organization.


At ioLabs, we naturally emphasize high standards of information security and quality. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our achievement of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Our adherence to these rigorous standards underscores our understanding of the paramount importance of internal quality management systems and data security.

As a company deeply embedded in both the public sector, servicing Swiss state services, and the corporate landscape, collaborating with industry giants, we continuously prioritize the highest standards to ensure the trust and confidence of our clients.

These certifications serve as a cornerstone in our ongoing commitment to providing reliable, secure, and top-tier services to meet the evolving needs of our valued partners. They represent not only formal recognition but, more importantly, a strategic move towards the continuous improvement of our products and services.


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