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With our extensive expertise, we empower organizations to streamline their data workflows, enhance collaboration, and maximize project efficiency.

ioLabs has successfully implemented data management solutions for a wide range of projects not only in the AEC sector. Our deep understanding of industry dynamics and emerging technologies enables us to stay at the forefront of data management innovation.

We believe that efficient data management is the key to unlocking the full potential of your projects. Our solutions are designed to optimize your data operations, ensuring seamless collaboration, accurate information exchange, and streamlined workflows throughout the project lifecycle.

We are proud to have delivered exceptional results for renowned organizations such as Implenia AG, Flughafen Zürich, or ETH Zürich. Through our tailored data management solutions, we have helped many clients achieve greater efficiency, improved project outcomes, and increased overall competitiveness.


Our sophisticated data management solutions across multiple data platforms can be divided into two main groups:

Basic data operations

With our range of simple data operations, you can streamline your data management processes, improve collaboration, and ensure data consistency across platforms.

Whether you require one-time synchronizations, real-time updates, bi-directional transfers, or specific project migrations, our solutions empower you to optimize your data workflows and maximize project efficiency.

One-time synchronizations

With one-time synchronization you can easily transfer data from one platform to another. This operation is ideal for initial data setup, project backup or when you need to consolidate information from multiple sources into a single repository.

Scheduled and real-time synchronizations

Some clients require regular synchronizations. Our scheduled data operations allow them to specify a regular time slot to synchronize their data - e.g. once per day at midnight.

However, in some projects there is a need to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the latest information at all times. This is where our real-time synchronization capabilities come in handy as they enable instant data updates across different platforms in matter of seconds. Such approach is essential for maintaining data consistency, enabling seamless collaboration, and fostering real-time decision-making.

Uni- and bi-directional transfers

Uni- and bi-directional transfer allows for seamless data exchange between multiple platforms in one or both directions. Whether you need to synchronize data between your internal systems and a cloud-based platform or share information between different stakeholders, this operation ensures that updates are automatically reflected across all systems.

Complete project transfers

Our complete project transfer functionality goes beyond simple file and folder transfers. It encompasses the seamless migration of comprehensive project data, including metadata, issues, assets, checklists, and more. This operation enables you to transfer an entire project ecosystem from one platform to another, ensuring that all critical project information is preserved.

Advanced data operations

The advanced data operations provide you with powerful tools to further optimize your data management processes.

By enabling modifications of input/output paths, content modifications, and advanced document sorting based on content, our solutions enhance data organization, improve efficiency, and increase data accessibility.

Modifications of input/output paths

This operation empowers you to define custom paths for data transfers, ensuring that information is directed to the appropriate destinations. Our AI tool analyzes the document and defines the path based on simple if-then-like formulas. By having granular control over data routing, you can streamline workflows, eliminate redundant steps, and optimize data distribution.

Content modifications

With our AI powered content modification capabilities, you can for example improve data consistency by placing watermark or stamp into them. This option also allows you to automate data transformations - finding and extracting specific information from files (like e.g. dividing files according to content), applying formatting, or modifying file attributes according to your needs.

Advanced document sorting based on content

Our advanced document sorting feature utilizes advanced AI algorithms to categorize and organize documents based on their content. By analyzing/understanding the content of each document, our system can automatically assign appropriate metadata, tags, or categories to facilitate efficient document retrieval.

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Data operations




Upgrade your project's backbone effortlessly. Transition from any CDE to your preferred destination with our comprehensive data migration service, designed to modernize your construction data workflows.



Achieve seamless project continuity across platforms with our Scheduled or real-time CDE synchronization services. Whether it's mirroring data between CDEs or syncing with a server, we ensure your project data is always up-to-date and accessible.



Preserve your project's integrity beyond completion. Our archivation services extend beyond mere file storage to include the entire CDE structure - assets, issues, comments, and more - ensuring a holistic preservation of your project's digital footprint.


Backup / Time capsule

Safeguard your project's future with our expert backup solutions. Our comprehensive services go beyond simple file storage, encapsulating the entire CDE data structure at intervals you choose, ensuring every detail of your project is preserved without exception.

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