ioFramework is a set of packages (tools, libraries, modules, complete solutions) for rapid application development

Our easy-to-use libraries and tools cover the entire application development process of enterprise-ready solutions. Starting from pre-built stacks and project templates, to easily pluggable packages with perfectly formed functionality, to tools for building and deploying your application.

Our packages are actively managed, automatically versioned and all updates are automatically available to you. If you suggest a relevant feature, it may be included in a future release.

We can offer multiple levels of support, depending on your needs and preferences. You can choose from prepaid support, on demand support, or training options to get the best assistance from the ioFramework team.

ioFramework is a package that aims to make web development easier and more enjoyable for you.

  • mostly based on .NET, Typescript, React,
  • cross-platform
  • well documented
  • using privately hosted repository for all types of packages
    • NuGet, npm, Docker, Maven, PyPI, …
    • can be used in your apps and stacks the same way as they come from public repositories
    • access will be granted to the packages by your choice
  • actively managed and versioned with respect to Semantic Versioning 2.0.0
  • can provide multiple levels of support (prepaid support, on demand support, training)
  • relevant feature requests (and PRs) can be integrated into future releases
ioFramework is a set of packages (tools, libraries, modules, complete solutions) for rapid application development
in continuous development
driving digitalisation and innovation
for tailor-made efficiency in FE/BE


Most used integrations

Our framework covers a huge list of external system integrations and can be used on different layers of your application:

Autodesk Construction Cloud
Autodesk Forge
Autodesk BIM 360
Microsoft Sharepoint

Integration details

Overcoming Technological Barriers with ioFramework

In the competitive world of software development, high input costs often stand as a formidable technological barrier. Developing solutions from scratch requires significant expertise and/or resource-intensive efforts. On the one hand there are the complex areas such as Autodesk Forge, AI, CAD, IAM, and on the other hand there are the demanding tasks that arise from the need to manage a multitude of small but resource-intensive tasks - for example in the area of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and payment gateways. All of these challenges result in significant costs and slow progress.

The ioFramework reduces upfront investment by up to 80%, offering an out-of-the-box solution that is fast, scalable, and cost-efficient. Clients can leverage savings elsewhere and, crucially, aren't bound to our services for life. With the option to buy the code and tailor it to their unique needs, ioFramework offers the best of both worlds: a solid foundation and the freedom to customize and expand. Embrace the future of software development with ioFramework!

1. ioFramework License Fee

With ioFramework, you gain access to a revolutionary approach. Your journey begins with a limited license from ioLabs AG. You are not allowed to share or modify the code, safeguarding its integrity. On the other hand the ioFramework license fee grants you access to a treasure trove of innovation. Key advantages include:

  • Seamless Updates: Embrace free access to framework updates for the duration of your contract, keeping your solutions cutting-edge.

  • Comprehensive Support: A generous 0.5 MD support per month will hel keep your worries to a minimum.

  • Security in Uncertainty: We've got your back. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise and ioLabs AG cannot meet its obligations, you receive the source code for the used ioFramework packages in an uncompressed format.

  • Pricing: The pricing structure is flexible, accommodating your needs: the monthly payments correlate with the number of modules used and annual payment options, which enable cost savings compared to monthly installments, are also available.

2. The Path to Ownership

With ioFramework, you are not locked into perpetual licensing. After just at least one year of intensive use, customers have the option of acquiring the intellectual property rights.

This opens up extensive customization options for our customers. However, keep in mind that ioLabs AG's support ends, and you'll need to procure updates and support separately based on current rates and ioLabs AG's workload. The choice is yours. Just get in touch with us to prepare offer tailored to your needs!

How does it work?

How it work

Do you have idea, or problem to solve? Do you need to clarify some technical challenge?

How it work

Our specialist will contact you to clarify your request and prepare an offer directly based on your needs.

How it work

After accepting the quote you can start profiting from the ioFramework

How it work

ioFramework provides easy and fast way for application development, distribution of updates and support


With our packages, you can easily build a whole application, with reusable modules that cover a lot of scopes

Payment gate
Autodesk Forge
Headless browser

Identity and access Management

Do you need to manage identities for your organization and/or access to your application?

We use an Identity and Access-Management solution based on Keycloak. It implements most industry-standard authentication mechanisms. We can provide packages for easy integration of non-standard Identity and user federation providers


  • custom external Identity Providers
    • Autodesk Forge
  • custom attributes Mappers
    • for identity synchronization
  • custom User Federation Providers
    • for connection directly to your own user store (e.g. a database)
  • custom (login) themes
  • integrations into c#, js app
  • Single sign-on processes
  • C# API client covering all admin features
  • C# / JS modules for simpler management and custom integrations

Payment gate

Do you need to handle secure payments in your app with payment history?


  • Integration using Braintree payment solution
  • Single sign-on processes
  • Integrations into c#, js app

Autodesk Forge

Do you want to integrate your application with Autodesk Forge? Need to process CAD documents?

We have a number of tools for Autodesk Forge integrations. For your backend process (Forge APIs) and also for your UI presentation (Forge Viewer)


  • Well-tuned, robust, and strongly typed API client for all Forge APIs
    • 30x more efficient than the original package from Autodesk
    • covers all Forge APIs
    • handles common Forge API issues (retry mechanism, intelligent token provider - 2L vs 3L, …)
    • Simplified data-transfer objects for ease of use and understanding
    • Ability to develop applications in mere minutes, with minimal Forge API knowledge required
  • Data Management
    • Simplify operations on Forge API which requires multiple steps to communicate with the API
      • a sequence of calls on Forge API can be triggered just by one call
    • Simple BIM360 Tree builder for easy navigation in the the Hubs/projects/folders/files/versions tree
    • Easy management of custom attributes
  • Issues
    • Easy issue management (custom attributes, comments, attachments,...)
  • Assets
    • Simple asset management (custom attributes , categories, attachments, step sets...)
  • Design Automation
    • Easy JSON-based configuration of bundle, activity and work-item definitions
    • Rapidly simplify the process of design-automation calls
    • Webhooks covered
  • Model derivative
    • Simplify translation and wait for completion
    • Simplify data extraction from models
    • Custom mapping strategy
  • Webhooks
    • Supported
  • Forge Viewer
    • customizable react-integration library
    • a set of extensions for easy manipulation
      • applying color schemes
      • markups GUI, custom tools
      • printing
      • custom properties panel
      • pushpins and model overlay - displaying additional information about models in place
      • and much more!


Do you need to easily import and export lists? Do you want to generate documents from templates? Are you looking for a generic solution to generate thumbnails?


  • Excel importer and exporter
    • C# libraries for object-based imports and exports
  • PDF/Word form filler, from a template generator
    • C# document generation solution
  • Thumbnails generator
    • Python-based microservice that can generate thumbnails for many popular file formats


Is working with CAD files your daily business? Do you need to develop a plugin for your CAD software that can increase your efficiency?

We can provide you with application skeletons and reusable and easily extensible packages for CAD-software plugin development.


  • BCF
  • IFC
  • Revit
    • Revit API extension library
    • easy parameter manipulation
  • VectorWorks
  • Skeleton-based plugin development?
    • html-based plugins
    • jsapi/events
  • Unity 3D technology

Microsoft integrations

Do you need to develop an application that integrates with Microsoft APIs?


  • webhooks / remote event receivers
  • Data-management - tree builder


Is there a task you think only a human can do?

Artificial Intelligence can help you!


  • Automatic detection of parts of technical documents (e.g. legend, company logo, …)
  • Automatic detection of orientation of technical documents
  • Recognition of 3D objects, according to geometry
  • Segmentation of 3D objects (e.g. recognizing glass in a window only from the geometry of the mesh)

Headless browser integrations

Do you need to automate a workflow that requires a web browser?

Using headless viewer, we can automate the user-login process without the need for user interaction.


  • Using Puppeteer - high-level API to control Chrome or Chromium
  • Ready-to-use packages for
    • automatic Forge viewer manipulations (screenshots, ...)
    • Handling of sign-on processes that require user interaction (e.g. Forge: 3-legged tokens)
    • Background automation of actions that require user interaction, but without user interaction


Having other problems?

Our tools can help you with:

  • Kick-start entire application development
  • Coding standards
  • Continuous integration and development (CI/CD) process, repository manager
  • Migrations
  • Feedback system


  • Code Analyzers
    • Out-of-the-box C# and Typescript packages for linting your code
  • Migrations
    • C# migration library that extends the standard Entity Framework, adding support for migrations defined by SQL scripts and as custom code
  • Feedback System
    • as a plugin to the existing application, allowing users to submit feedback on the current page
  • Complete stack template (UI, API, IAM, ...)
    • Basic integration setup
    • Can provide managed CI/CD system
    • Can provide hosting
    • for super fast development kickoff
  • CI/CD
    • Ready to use pipelines
    • Pre-defined complete CI/CD stack
    • Can host your own private repository

Custom software

ioFramework is important for our custom software.

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