The digitization has also reached the area of fire protection, and companies are looking for efficient methods to streamline the management of fire bulkheads. A fire bulkhead is a special wall or partition in buildings designed to prevent or delay the spread of fire and smoke. They play a crucial role in fire protection and are legally required in many countries to ensure the safety of people and property.

As an example, we can mention German regulations, specifically the DIN 4102 standard, which deals with fire protection in buildings and establishes various classifications for building materials and components regarding their fire behavior. It also sets requirements for materials to slow down or prevent the spread of fire.

Our innovative solution is provided by our app, which facilitates the digitization of fire bulkheads. It allows for easy recording of fire bulkheads in a facility management tool. Users can create fire bulkheads in a model and set various attributes such as name, ID, location, placement, construction type, installer, registration number, inspection date, and inspector.

Once the fire bulkhead is created in the model, the app automatically generates a QR code containing all relevant information about the fire bulkhead. This QR code can be placed directly on-site. When an inspector, technician, or installer is on-site, they can simply scan the QR code with their device, giving them immediate access to all critical information about the fire bulkhead and, if needed, guiding them to the model.

The fire bulkhead digitization app offers a contemporary and efficient solution for companies looking to optimize their fire protection. By simplifying the recording and management of fire bulkheads, companies can not only meet legal requirements but also improve the safety and efficiency of their building management processes.



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