Intelligent CAD families

Dive into the cutting-edge world of architectural design with our intelligent window family, a revolutionary asset for those seeking not just control but a creative powerhouse in their Revit projects. Unlike conventional families, this innovation provides a meticulous 1:1 representation of real-life window elements, ensuring an unparalleled level of authenticity and precision in architectural and construction endeavors. With detailed geometry, user-friendly design controls, and versatile variability options, this family library transcends the mundane, offering architects and designers a dynamic canvas to weave their visions into reality.

The window family is not merely about window elements; it's a gateway to a realm of possibilities. Beyond the meticulous control it provides over window elements and wall details, the family boasts a sophisticated variability system. From single-pane to multi-pane windows, each with customizable opening types and shapes, to options for different construction materials, such as plastic, wood, and metal, the versatility is boundless. Moreover, the family incorporates an advanced 2D representation, ensuring accurate floorplans, sections, and elevations, perfectly aligned with window settings. The family's meta-data parameters are calculated during setup, seamlessly compatible with Autodesk Forge app, enabling easy data transfer and utilization for real-life element fabrication.

Complementing the intelligent window family are the shading element families, designed to bring realism and variability to architectural models. Whether opting for sleek roller shutters or dynamic lamellas, these shading elements seamlessly cooperate with window families. An ingenious Dynamo script takes convenience to new heights by automating the adjustment of shading elements' width, height, and position based on the window family, eliminating the need for additional manual modeling actions. With detailed controls even at the highest levels of detail, including adjustable shaded window areas and lamella angles, these shading element families complete the architectural experience, offering a realistic and dynamic representation.




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